How to Wash LuLaRoe Clothes

LuLaRoe clothes are rapidly gaining popularity, thanks to their unique designs, soft buttery feel and trendy patterns and prints. These comfy knit fabric items, made exclusively in the United States, need the best care so that they do not shrink or lose their softness. As such, it is essential for … Continue..

How to Hand Wash Clothes

how to hand wash clothes

Did you know that hand washing can make your garments last longer? Hand washing is the ideal option for cleaning delicate clothes, or when you have just a few items to wash at a time. Coming up are the steps to to help you learn how to hand wash clothes. … Continue..

How to Become A Laundry Expert

Dislike doing laundry like me? I would rather pay someone else than do laundry. I come from that part of the world where washing machines are a luxury item and people around here wash their clothes by hand. I came across this infographic here by that give you tips … Continue..

How to Clean an Iron

how to clean an iron

Irons get dirty all the time, even if you try to keep them squeaky clean. The soleplate gets dirty when dust accumulates on it and scorched when clothes get burnt. The result? A nasty black stain on your precious iron. An iron that is not clean makes the ironing process … Continue..

How to Make Iron-On Transfer

how to iron-on transfer

Iron-on transfers are a fun way to decorate items of clothing like t-shirts, as well as fabrics in your home. When you make your own iron-on transfer, you get to choose which image to use, and whether you want to craft it yourself or download it from the internet. This … Continue..

How to Remove Ironed-on Letters

how to remove ironed-on letters

Ironed-on letters are a trendy way to accessorise your clothes and show off your personal style. Although it is very easy to iron on letters and labels, it can be quite tricky removing them. Below are a few hints on how to remove ironed-on letters and labels.   1. Use Heat … Continue..

How Often Do You Need to Clean Clothes? [Infographic]

how often to clean clothes

Doing laundry is not a dreary experience but its a necessary part of adult life. There are certain clothes that need washing after use like underwear and socks but there are some that can be washed after a number of use. If you’ve been wondering when to clean everything in your closet, this … Continue..

How to Wash Clothes – Step by Step [Infographic]

Came across this interesting infographic from that gives simple instructions on how to wash your clothes…from separating dark colors and the temperature of water to use for different colors Its instructions are straightforward and easy to understand.  A good chart to show your husband who might one day find … Continue..

Extreme Ironing Sports

The things that people do for fun sometimes is just bizarre. Check out this sport called Extreme Ironing where these guys look for extreme places to iron garments. Since its inception, this sport has spread across the world. It is now practised in Germany, Australia and Japan. It even boasts … Continue..

How to Remove Stains [Infographic]

Came across this beautiful infographic from that shows you methods on how to remove different type of stains from your clothes. These stains include: Coffee, tea, juice, wine, blood, rust, foundation, lipstick, deodorant, sweat, grass stains among others