Hack: How to Cut Ironing Time in Half

Came across this neat video from lifehacker.com that gives you a tip on how to save ironing time using an aluminium foil.

Basically what you do is place a strip of long aluminium foil under the ironing board cover and as you iron your clothes, the reflective heat from the foil simultaneously irons the underside of your clothes

Here are some comments made by people who watched this on Lifehacker.com.

Why not just by an ironing board cover with heat reflecting foil built in. This isn’t the 1940’s where my mother made her ironing board covers out of sheets – Taleigh

Here is another comment by Angeline Scott-Chavez

Great idea! We started doing this several months ago and it works like a charm. Just remember that you have to replace the aluminum foil at regular intervals – about once a month, when you wash your ironing board cover… or the foil will leach and stain your clothes.

Fortunately, at least with cotton, the stain is easily removable with just water and a little mild detergent

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