5 Best Wall Mounted Ironing Boards Review

In this post, we will be giving you a comprehensive review of the best wall mounted ironing boards that are on sale in the market. We’ve narrowed down to the best 5 based on customer purchases and reviews and we also give our recommendation.

We provide you with detailed information on each board that includes board dimensions, benefits of each particular board, their pros and cons and FAQs on each.

Without further ado, below are the top 5 wall mounted ironing boards.

 1. Built-in Ironing Board Cabinet Raw Wood, Iron Storage, Hide Away, Stow, Fold Away – By USAFlagCases


With a built-in ironing board cabinet, you do not have to worry about leaving an ironing board in the open and taking up the little space in your apartment or office.

In addition, this wall mounted ironing board is made of wood, and it is a perfect size for any home or office.

Its Features

The built-in ironing cabinet is made of wood, and it has three shelves. You can recess or mount it in any part of your home or office.

It comes with hardware for mounting it, padding, and a cover.

Benefits of This Ironing Board

  • The built-in ironing board is made of raw wood. It is easy to clean and maintain and it will serve you for a long time. The shelves are strong and long lasting because they are also made from Birch plywood.
  • It is easy to mount, and you can do so anywhere. For homes or offices with limited space, you can now store your ironing board out of sight, and it a cabinet to protect it from unexpected wear and tear. The cabinet protrudes just 6.5 inches from the wall.
  • If you would like to change the way it opens, you can remove the door hinges from the right to the left side. It has sufficient shelve space for all your ironing essentials. The package is inclusive of the pad, cover and all the hardware you need to mount the cabinet.
  • This cabinet is unfinished so you can paint it to match the color of your walls or other room décor. If you are conscious about the overall look of your room, especially where there are space constraints and you still want to make it attractive, paint this board to complement the rest of the room.

Specifications of the Product

This built-in ironing board cabinet’s specifications are:

  • Size: 44 x 14 x4 inches
  • Weight: 33 pounds (14.96 kgs)
  • Weight (shipping): 32 pounds (14. 51 kgs)
  • Manufactured by: North Texas Woodcrafters

Who is the product designed for?

It is perfect for home use. You can fix in your closet, your laundry room or even in your bathroom if that is where you would like to press your clothes from.

You can also use it in your office. If you need to change attires between tasks, have this board installed in your office bathroom.

FAQs About This Ironing Board

  1. Who is the manufacturer? This product is made by North Texas Woodcrafters who are based in Texas.
  2. How far does the ironing board open? It measures about 40 inches from the wall to the edge of the board since the board itself is 38 inches long. You can open and use it easily in your laundry room when you need to quick press.
  3. Can this design be mounted on a wall at floor level? No. For now, the product available only mounts on top of a cabinet so it’s not at floor level.
  4. This product is made of what? The ironing board and cabinet have a Baltic Birch Plywood frame while the back of the cabinet is a particle board.
  5. Can I use this cabinet for any size of ironing box? The cabinet’s shelves are 14 inches wide and about 6.5 inches deep.

  • This wall mounted ironing board is study because its made of plywood, and it has a solid base. It is lighter than a metallic cabinet.
  • It is superbly built; sticks out of the wall slightly so you can mount it anywhere in the room. The part sticking out of the wall is approximately an inch and a quarter big.
  • In addition to its light plywood frame, it also has more padding than most other types. The board has a tapered edge so you can iron shirt shoulders and other parts easily.
  • Another outstanding element is the cabinet’s unfinished surface. If you would like to paint it to match your walls, go ahead.
  • All your ironing supplies are stored in one place. You don’t have to run around looking for the ironing board, the ironing box and spray bottle.

  • You should mount it on a wall to keep it out of sight because the plywood is not as striking as cabinet wood.
  • The door’s particle wood must be painted because it cannot be stained.
  • The door is quite thin and it starts bowing after several months. The cabinet may not last as long as expected when used often and for large pressing jobs.
  • The manual does not have the best instructions for someone who has never mounted a cabinet before.
  • The installation hardware may not be sufficient because the cabinet feels too heavy to be supported by about four screws only.

2. Honey-Can-Do BRD-01350 over the Door Ironing Board with Folding Design


This over the door ironing board offers a solution to home owners with little space but with a need to eliminate clutter.

This ironing board stays out of sight, on the back of a door, but within reach for those quick presses in the morning.

Its Features

This product features an ironing board with a folding design mounted on a strong frame made of steel. Ideally, this product has an ironing board you can hang behind a door after use.

It is pre-assembled, so you buy, mount and use it immediately.

Benefits of this Board

  • This board saves space. The ironing board folds into the frame and stays out of your way especially in dorm rooms and studio apartments. The hooks that hang the board over the door have cushion bumpers so your door has no scratches.
  • The frame is made of steel. It is durable, rust-resistant, and easy to clean. It is practically a low maintenance item in your home or office.
  • The ironing board’s cover is made of cotton. Iron clothes without worrying that they will stick to the ironing board.

Specifications of the Board

This ironing board’s specifications are:

  • Size: 47 x 11 x 50 inches
  • Weight: 7.4 pounds (3.36 kgs)
  • Weight (shipping): 7.4 pounds (3.36 kgs)
  • Manufactured by: Honey-Can-Do
  • Cover: 100% pure cotton

Who is the Product Designed For?

This product suits homeowners who have limited space, and the ones looking for ways to eliminate clutter but have all the essentials of a modern home. This product also suits an office or a dorm room.

FAQs about this Board

  1. Does it hang over the door when pressing or only when stored? Yes, it operates hanging over the door. And once you are done with your pressing work, fold it away, still on the back of the door.
  2. Can it be screwed to the door? Yes. It needs some work though to get the door hooks on the wall.
  3. Is the space provided for ironing equal to the traditional ironing board or is it smaller? It is almost the same size.
  4. Does the package include a cover? Yes, a cover is provided with every purchase.
  5. Does this board have an iron rest? No, an iron rest is not available.
  6. How long does the board extend from the wall when folded? It extends about one and a quarter inches from the wall.

  • This wall mounted ironing board is great for saving space. You can press your clothes in your bathroom or in your walk-in closet without having to move an ironing board around.
  • It is easy to mount and has minimal installation requirements. Just mount this product on your bathroom door and press your clothes whenever you want.
  • The cover is made of cotton. This is a durable material so the ironing board can serve you for a long time.
  • The ironing board folds up and out of view easily.
  • The frame is made of steel, which is durable and rust resistant. You get an ironing board that is long lasting.
  • The space between the door and the frame must be big enough for you to insert over the door hooks securely. Otherwise, the ironing board will move around when you are ironing. This means you should check the space you will mount this ironing board prior to purchase.

  • It moves around when ironing so it is not ideal for long presses or for a lot of pressing work.
  • The noise is bothersome and you must constantly worry that you might wake everyone up in your house.
  • If you mount it on your bedroom door, you will be looking at it every day whenever you close your bedroom door. It is quite conspicuous so ideally mount it on your laundry room or bathroom door.

3. Wall-Mounted Ironing Board (by Hafele America)


This wall mounted ironing board suits homeowners who are looking for a product that is mounted on the wall, is durable and affordable without compromising on quality.

This product has a steel frame and the user can swivel it to suit the space available when ironing.

Its Features

This product is a wall-mount ironing board. It is made of steel, and the frame’s coating is white epoxy.

The board’s unique element is its 90-degree rotation either to the left or to the right. The package includes an ironing board cover.

Benefits of this Ironing Board

  • It mounts on the wall and a convenient height for the user. The frame is sturdy so you can iron easily.
  • The board rotates at 90 degrees if you have limited space and want to change your ironing position.
  • Gives you several mounting options. You can have it on the back of your bathroom door, in your closet, in your laundry room or your bedroom.
  • You can fold the board up against the wall when not in use. No more concerns about storage for your ironing board or the safety of occupants when the legs of an ironing board are in their way. This item is inconspicuous.

Specifications of the Product

This ironing board’s specifications are:

  • Size: 22.2 x 13.8 x 5.5 inches
  • Weight: 22.3 pounds (10.115 kgs)
  • Weight (shipping): 22.4 pounds (10.16 kgs)

Who is The Product Designed For?

This product suits any home. However, it is ideal for a homeowner who needs an ironing board that uses the least space, is durable and easy to store. After ironing, you can fold it up against the way.

FAQs About This Ironing Board

  1. Does this ironing board require studs? Yes, since it is heavy, you need to mount it on a wall with studs.
  2. What is this ironing board’s depth? It is about 5 and a quarter inches deep.
  3. Is it fixed when unfolded or can it extend? When unfolded, it does not extend.
  4. How long is this ironing board? It is 39 inches’ long
  5. Does it have an iron rest? No. You should look for a surface to rest the ironing box. However, when folded, you can rest the iron upright.

  • This wall mounted ironing board is great for saving space. You can press your clothes in your bathroom or in your walk-in closet without having to move an ironing board around.
  • Takes up almost no space. Great for a laundry room or bathroom with limited storage space.
  • Can fit on the wall next to the door easily and it swivels to the left and the right for better pressing.
  • The frame is sturdy and it is of high quality. Even as a mountable ironing board, it is strong for long presses.
  • It folds up and out of view. You can install it even in a walk-in closet because it folds up almost flat on the wall.
  • It is a great accessory to purchase alongside sewing equipment. You can have a cabinet mounted next to the ironing board to organise all the pressing supplies in one place. This would be a great idea for your laundry room or walk-in closet.

  • The instructions are not comprehensive. It does not have a template that shows how to drill holes to mount the board on the wall.
  • You must use studs to mount in on the wall
  • The package does not show the size it occupies when folded so you might end up leaving a lot of space above.

4. Iron-A-Way Handi-Press Surface/Wall Mount Ironing Board Center – By Iron-a-Way


This product is mounted on the surface to store an ironing board and other ironing supplies. When mounted, it protrudes just about 3 inches into the room.

Its Features

  • This mountable ironing board folds up into a built-in cabinet.
  • It is mounted on a surface, anywhere. You don’t have to make an opening on the wall to mount it.
  • The cabinet is a slim fit but it has space for the board and other ironing essentials. The board is made of wood.

Benefits of This Board

  • Easy to mount and use.
  • The cabinet is mounted on a surface, and the ironing board folds up into the cabinet.
  • The cabinet is slim so it does not protrude massively out of the wall.
  • The board is made of wood for durability.

Specifications of This Board

This ironing board’s specifications are:

  • Size: 14 x 3 x 48 inches
  • Weight: 40 pounds (18. 144 kgs)
  • Weight (shipping): 57.9 pounds (26.26 kgs)
  • Manufactured by: Iron A Way Inc

Who is the Board Designed For?

This product is ideal for any home, dorm room or office that needs an ironing board with its own storage cabinet. It is easy to mount and use, with little to no maintenance costs.

FAQs About This Ironing Board

  1. What material is the cabinet finish? The cabinet is made of Birch wood, and it is unfinished.
  2. Can the door be reversed? Yes. Just remove the hinge and the magnet and install them on the side you want.
  3. Does this design have a shelf for the ironing box? No.
  4. Is the board padded? Yes, it has sufficient padding, and a cover.

  • This wall mounted ironing board is great for saving space. You can press your clothes in your bathroom or in your walk-in closet without having to move an ironing board around.
  • It takes up just a little space in the room, and it is unobtrusive in small spaces. The measurements for installation are indicated on the box, and there is another detailed manual inside.
  • The ironing board works for all types of garments. You can iron shirts, dresses, etc. easily.
  • The unfinished surface lets you get creative and paint or stain it to match your room’s décor. In addition, you can add a knob handle for greater efficiency.
  • This ironing board lets you store the iron box and other ironing essentials together.
  • It can be a great addition to your laundry or sewing room since it will serve as an organiser as well as an ironing board.
  • It is a surface mount board; you do not need an opening on a wall to mount it.

  • It is a bit too heavy to be held in place by a few screws. Brings up the fear of the whole unit coming down.
  • The door’s outside trim has staples, which makes it look substandard. The company should have used nails on this trim.
  • The installation process is a bit difficult because the cabinet is quite heavy, and it needs painting or staining to give it a finished look.

5. LifeStyle OSUV-01 Vertical Size Wall Mounted Ironing Center – By Lifestyle


The ironing board is easy to mount, and at any height you want. It folds away to save space so it is the perfect fit for rooms with limited space.

Its Features

This ironing board is mountable on a wall. You can have it installed at any height from the ground.

The design is easy to install and use, and it saves space because you can fold it away. The package is inclusive of a padded cover, a wall cover and an iron rest.

Benefits of this Board

  • It is suitable for the physically challenged because you can mount it at any height.
  • It has a sturdy frame thus is long lasting.
  • It swivels 180 degrees, so you can use it at any angle depending with the amount of space available.

Specifications of the Board

This wall mounted ironing board specifications are:

  • Size: 30 x 18 x 4.5 inches
  • Weight: 25 pounds (11.34 kgs)
  • Weight (shipping): 25 pounds (11.34 kgs)
  • Manufactured by: Snow Joe LLC

Who is the Product Designed For?

This product is ideal for anyone with a physical challenge, who needs an ironing board that can be installed at any height. It is a great product for a home with limited space.

FAQs About The Board

  1. How long does this ironing board extend out of the wall? It is about 50 inches long. It folds away easily so it is out of your way.
  2. Is it stable? I hope it does not drop under pressure. Yes, screw the ironing board firmly into the wall and you will have a stable working surface even for long pressing work.
  3. Will the square edge of the board bother me when ironing? Not really. And it is fixed on the wall so you can move around to get the best angle when ironing.
  4. Can I mount it on the back of a door? Yes, if your door is made is sturdy, maybe made of wood. Alternatively, you can mount it on a drywall.

  • This product withstands continuous folding and unfolding as well as rotations. It is a great product for every day work from shirts to dresses and skirts.
  • It fits into little spaces such as closets and laundry rooms. The fact that it has no legs makes it even better when folding it against a wall. Ironing shirts is hassle-free because you can use the edge of the board and pull up the shirt as far as possible since there are no legs underneath.
  • It is mountable, so there is no need to keep moving an ironing board around as it is with the traditional designs. Additionally, it is an easy maintenance item.
  • Installation is quite easy. It takes about 15 minutes to fix it on the wall, and at any height needed.
  • It has sufficient padding, and a cover is provided to cover the board.

  • The edge is too wide for ironing shoulders of shirts. And the space where the ironing board folds makes it difficult to iron clothes well.
  • Too much pressure when ironing can collapse the ironing board. It is not ideal for a lot of pressing work.
  • When folded, it is not completely flat.

Our Recommendation

Based on user purchases and ratings, coupled with the best features of the board, we recommend to you the Honey-Can-Do BRD-01350 over the Door Ironing Board with Folding Design.

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