8 Ways To Lower The Electricity Bills By As Much as 50%

Your apartment or home is an exciting representation of newfound freedom and independence. Along with that independence comes the responsibility of paying your own bills.

While paying bills can be stressful and intimidating, there are many ways to stay on budget when it comes to electricity. Keeping your home apartment energy efficient can lower your electricity bills, even in the heat of summer.

Use these tips to reduce your electricity bills:

  1. Replace your air filter
  2. Adjust your water heater temperature
  3. Wash and dry your clothes efficiently
  4. Use energy-efficient lighting
  5. Use power strips
  6. Turn off your ceiling fans and lights when not in use
  7. Adjust your thermostat
  8. Practice efficiency with your kitchen appliances

Check out the infographic below that breaks this down

Infographic by: Firstchoicepower.com

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