360° Flippr Ironing Board

Came across this new stylish board called Flippr ironing board that claims to save 80% of your ironing time.

This board is currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter and as of this writing has aleady made over 6 times its goal.

The guys behind the creation of this ironing board claim that their product will help you iron a shirt six minutes faster than a conventional ironing board.

Here is a more detailed description from the product manufacturers (in their own words)

Flippr will make your ironing easier, faster and more enjoyable. Flippr is the most innovative ironing board with it unique 360 degree rotating feature.

Flippr is great for all garment sizes with a detachable detail board for sleeves and special items. It has 8 levels of height adjustment to help customise your ironing. It is stable and has a solid stable frame to last a lifetime.

The in and out detachable iron pocket keeps the iron off the board and out of the way. The Flippr special pant clips makes ironing a more easier and enjoyable experience. The cotton board cover is removable and easy cleaning.

Features of the Flippr Ironing Board

  • The ironing table with 19-inch-wide, 2-sided, torso-shaped rotating surface
  • Has a removable detailing board; garment clip for perfect pleats
  • Has a freestanding frame; adjustable height to 36 inches; folds for storage
  • Built-in iron rest; 100-percent-cotton removable cover included
  • Measures 36 by 19 by 36 inches

You can read user review and order it if interested on Amazon through this link


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