Best Tabletop Ironing Boards – Top 5 Review

Researching on the best tabletop ironing boards available in the market? Well we reviewed the different boards being sold on Amazon and came up with our list of the best based on customer reviews and ratings.

This means our review is based on actual popularity of the ironing boards based on customer purchases. Without further ado below is our review of the best tabletop ironing boards..

1. Polder Deluxe Tabletop Ironing Board

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The Polder deluxe ironing board is a functional and practical appliance that gives value for money.

It suits anyone who needs an affordable laundry appliance that is easy to use in any setting.

This tabletop ironing board is padded to give you the ideal base for your ironing chores. You do not have to buy a cover separately because this ironing board comes with a pure cotton cover.

It also has a retractable rest for an iron box, and its top is made of wood. The leg folds easier to reduce the amount of storage space.

This ironing board’s iron set is retractable and it also has a wooden top. Additionally, it has a folding leg so you can move it around or use it in any room. This folding leg also makes storage easy, and the ironing board takes up little space. It is a long-lasting appliance too because its cover is made of cotton.

This tabletop ironing boards specifications are:

  • Size: 32 x 12 inches
  • Weight: 5.5 pounds (2.49 kgs)
  • Weight (shipping): 5.6 pounds (2.5kgs)
  • Manufactured by: Polder
  • Cover: 100% pure cotton

Who is the product designed for?

The Polder ironing board is suitable for any homemaker, more so for small apartments with limited storage space. It can also suit students living in a dorm or a studio perfectly.

  • Where is this product manufactured? It is made in China, and it has great quality. You can expect it to last for a long time, and give you the best service every time.  This ironing board is available on Amazon, at affordable prices.
  • Where can it be used? You can use it on any surface, even on your kitchen counter.

  • The Polder tabletop ironing board’s main feature is its space saving design. It folders up neatly in a small storage area. This means you can even hide it in your closet, shelf or even under the bed when you are short of storage space.
  • Its cover is made of cotton. Don’t worry about burning the surface of your ironing board or having clothes creases on your clothes, which may happen when the clothes shift around on your ironing board.
  • It is excellent for touch ups when you can use it anywhere in the house, even on your kitchen countertop when you have one of those mornings you need to get ready fast.
  • The end of the ironing board holds up the iron securely so you do not have to worry about your safety or that of people around you when the iron box is very hot.
  • It is an affordable home appliance. You do not have to iron clothes on top of all manner of surfaces because you cannot afford an ironing board.

  • It is a bit difficult to iron large items on this ironing board, but it works perfectly for items like shirts and blouses.
  • Its light weight can be a disaster at times because you must hold it so that it doesn’t bend when you are ironing.
  • You must iron cautiously to avoid breaking the light weight board in two.
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2. Honey-Can- Do brd-01435 Collapsible Table top Ironing Board (With pull out iron Rest)

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The Honey-can- do BRD-01435 is an easy to use and store ironing board that comes in a variety of colors and you can use it anywhere in your house.

This ironing board’s cover is made of poly cotton. It is a portable home appliance with a retractable rest for your iron box.

You can get it in either aqua, blue or white colour.

The Honey Can do BRD 01435 comes in a variety of colours, for users who would like to have an appliance that matches the rest of the hues in the home. In addition, it occupies a small storage area when you fold it flat.

This ironing board’s specifications are:

  • Size: 32 x 12 inches
  • Weight: 4.8 pounds (2.17 kgs)
  • Weight (Shipping): 5.5 pounds (2.49 kgs)
  • Manufactured by: Honey Can Do

Who is the product designed for?

If you live in a small apartment, a studio or you are a student living in a dorm, the Honey Can Do BRD-01294 will suit you.

  • How high is this board?

When you open it up it is around 5.5 inches high. When you set it up, you can iron comfortably without experiencing any back pain. Just select a surface that has the right height and then place the ironing board on top.

  • If it is just 5.5 inches tall, do I have to bend to iron my clothes?

No. You can place it on top of a table, on your kitchen counter, or on a study bed. If you feel you need to sit while ironing, place it on your bed.

  • Does this board fold in half?

Yes, it does. The leg folds into the body so that it becomes about half the overall height when you are storing it. Folding it takes just a few seconds, and unfolding it takes such a short time too. You can set it up quickly when you just want some touch ups to your garments.

  • Can I store this board hanging up?

Yes. The package is inclusive of hooks you can use to hang it if you have limited storage space. Keeping it off the high traffic areas such as walkways in your house also ensures it lasts longer because there is no chance of piling heavy stuff on it.

In addition, it is safe for occupants especially for children because they do not have to bump into it.


  • The ability to pull out the iron rest is one of the top features of this ironing board. A hot iron can be a hazard especially when there are children around you. With an iron rest, you make ironing safe for you, and protect the main surface especially when you have placed the board on a bed.
  • The ironing board has a study frame, and it is firm even when ironing on a bed. You do not have to worry that when you rest the iron box it will tip over and burn your bedcover or countertop. The study frame also protects the board from breakage when you press too firmly.
  • It is an affordable home appliance, with little to no maintenance. You just need to set it up, iron, and then store it. The only maintenance needed is to store it in a dry place upright to avoid placing heavy items on top of it.
  • This ironing board is modern, adhering to the need to use up small storage space. You do not have to worry about an old-fashioned large ironing board that takes up half of your closet space.
  • The cover of the ironing board is taut so that you iron without wrinkling your clothes. Once you press them adequately, you will lift them off the board without creases or strange patterns.

  • You should be careful when putting the ironing board down to avoid breaking the feeble-looking fiberboard.
  • The foam interior of the board does not allow easy flow of heat. If you own a steam iron, you may want to reconsider using it on this padded cover.
  • The board’s interior is made of plywood, which means it is not as durable as a metallic board.
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3. Household Essentials Tabletop Ironing Board with Magic Rings Cover

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Look good wherever you go, and in whatever you do by wearing nicely pressed garments.

The Household Essentials tabletop board gives you the best surface for a neatly done pressing job.

This ironing board has a study surface made of steel mesh, and a pure cotton cover with fiber padding. It also features folding legs made of steel and a hook.

If storage is your main concern when buying an ironing board, this ironing board promises to take that concern away.

The legs fold nicely so you can place this ironing board under a bed if you do not have any other storage spot. Additionally, it comes with hooks for a homeowner who would prefer to hang the board on a door.

This ironing board’s specifications are:

  • Size: 0.8 by 12.5 inches
  • Weight: 3 pounds (1.36kgs)
  • Weight (shipping): 3 pounds (1.36kgs)
  • Manufactured by: Household Essentials

Who is the product designed for?

This ironing board suits everyone. You can use it at home, at the office or even on a boat. It is easy to use, and it doesn’t need a manual for you to know how to store it.

  • Can I use this ironing board on a bed?

Yes. Place it on a mattress and it will be study. However, you can use it on a table for a firmer surface so you can iron with ease.

  • How slim is it when you fold it?

When folded, this ironing board is about half an inch, which is a great feature for people with small storage areas.


  • It is a great appliance even for someone who just needs to press seams when sewing. You can use it when handling small sewing projects, and use it for regular pressing of clothes in your home.
  • It is small, which is a plus for any person who needs an ironing board for clothes or for sewing projects without having to look for extra storage space.
  • It has a steel mesh, which makes durable and you can use a steam iron box on it.
  • For anyone who irons clothes occasionally, this ironing board is quite convenient. When not in use, you can hang up over or a door to keep it out of your way.
  • Its light weight makes it easy to carry especially for people with back problems or other physical challenge.

  • It has a thin padding so you might have to place a towel or a blanket on top to avoid forming a pattern on the back of shirts and other clothing items.
  • It is mainly suitable for small ironing jobs. You cannot use it for commercial purposes.
  • It does not have an iron rest, so you should work close to another surface where you can rest your iron.
We recommend you buy this ironing board on Amazon. To get the current price for this board, click on the image below and you will be redirected to Amazon.

4. Household Essentials 131200 Chrome Tabletop Mini Ironing Board

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Household Essentials 131200
Chrome is a small sized ironing board that works perfectly in places with limited space.

This ironing board’s surface is made of steel mesh, and the cover is pure cotton with fibre padding underneath. It has an iron rest too that slides out.

A steel chromed tube forms the base, and it folds easily when storing the ironing board. Additionally, the package has a hook so you can hang it on the back of a door.

The steel mesh makes it long lasting. It has an iron rest so don’t worry about your safety when the iron box is hot.

This ironing board’s specifications are:

  • Size: 35.5 x 12 inches
  • Weight: 4.8 pounds (2.17kgs)
  • Weight (shipping): 4.8 pounds (2.17kgs)
  • Manufactured by: Household Essentials

Who is the product designed for?

If you are looking for an ironing board that uses minimal space and it is light in weight, this ironing board is ideal for you.

  • Do this ironing board’s legs fold up to reduce storage space?

Yes, they do. You can fold it up to reduce the amount of space it occupies in your room or closet. The process is quite simple, and you will fold the board without worrying that you can break its legs.

  • When folded, it is flat?

Yes. When you fold it, the top sits on the base perfectly. It becomes flat, and you can slide it under a bed or behind a door.

  • What material is it made of?

The ironing board is made of metal while the ironing area is made of steel mesh. These materials are long lasting, and they are not damaged by heat regardless of the number of items you use the ironing box.


  • It is small making it easy to set up even in a small laundry room. If you do not have any other flat surface in your home apart from a table in your laundry room or your kitchen counter, there is nothing to worry about.
  • The fibre padding adequately covers the mesh so that your clothes do not have a grate design when you iron them. It would be a waste of time to press your clothes and add unsightly patterns in the process.
  • You easily fold and store it either in your laundry room, in your closet or any other spot in your house. This feature makes it a great appliance for students staying in a dorm room or a studio. You will not even notice it there.
  • This ironing board has a mesh, which makes it great for use with steam iron boxes. The clothes do not end up wet and unsightly.
  • It is a solid ironing board that does not wobble when you are in the middle of the job. Additionally, the iron rest is a secure spot to place a hot iron.

  • The padding is not sufficient so the clothes have a pattern forming from the mesh underneath the board when you press the iron box too much.
  • With time, the ironing board starts to shake and it feels unsteady. It can give you good service for a limited time before the need to replace it.
  • As you fold it for storage, this ironing box falls apart. It takes quite some time to understand how to fold it well quickly.
We recommend you buy this ironing board on Amazon. To get the current price for this board, click on the image below and you will be redirected to Amazon.

5. Household Essentials Presswood Table-Top Ironing Board with Folding Legs, 12-Inch x 30-Inch

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This collapsible ironing board essentially saves space when storing and it is easy to use.

Its Features

Household Essentials Collapsible Presswood’s legs are made of steel and you can fold it up and store it anywhere.

It is firm, with a board large enough for you to iron anything from clothes to table napkins.

The board has a rounded end where you can insert the shoulders of shirts and press them professionally. The cover is made of cotton, and the padding is 5mm thick.

This ironing board’s steel legs makes it sturdy. In addition, it has a rounded edge where you can slide the shoulders of shirts to remove all the creases. You can store it in a small space even under your bed or behind your bedroom door, and with rubber stoppers not to scratch your surface.

This ironing board’s specifications are:

  • Size: 30 x 12 inches
  • Weight: 4.5 pounds (2.04 kgs)
  • Weight (shipping): 4.8 pounds (2.17 kgs)
  • Manufactured by: Household Essentials

Who is the product designed for?

Anyone looking for a small size ironing board for use anywhere in the home, dorm, or office. It is also best for people with small ironing tasks or for doing touch ups occasionally. It is available on Amazon, and you can look at the pictures and see that you will be getting value for money.

  • What is the ironing board made of?

It is made of wood, and the cover is a cotton fabric. The legs are metallic, and to protect your surface from scratches, the ends have rubber stoppers.

  • Does this ironing board come with a cover?

Yes. It has a cotton cover with sufficient padding. The padding prevents any patterns forming on your clothes, and it also overs the wood surface.


  • It is a great purchase for touch ups when regular pressing is not required. Sometimes, you just need to touch up a garment, and you can do so quickly in your laundry room after you pick the garment out of your drier.
  • It has a long surface so you can iron even long sleeved shirts, and pants. Ironing in sections leaves creases on the part you had pressed early, and makes you do the same job over again. With this ironing board, you press your clothes one time.
  • When storing, it fits into small sized spaces such as closets, and when ironing, it takes up little space on the counter. Functionality is the main feature in small appliances and this one proves that you can get most out of it as far as storage and use is concerned.
  • The rubber stoppers protect the surface. Do not worry about scratches or damage to your counter. If you iron clothes regularly, or you have several sewing projects, you need an appliance that protects your surfaces in the long term.
  • The steel frame makes it durable. Once you have it in your home or office, you can expect it will serve you for a long time.

  • It is short, at about two inches. This makes it difficult to iron items that hang over the surface such as the sleeves of shirts. You might end up taking your clothes back to the washing machine because they got dirtier when you were ironing them.
  • It has a fabric cover, so using it with a steam iron leaves the clothes wet.
  • The legs do not lock. Hence the ironing board collapses when you are in between your task.
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Our Recommendation

We highly recommend the Honey-Can-Do Table Top Ironing as our best tabletop ironing board.

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