Best Fold Down Ironing Board – Our Top 4

Searching for the best folding ironing board in the market? We’ve compiled below what we believe to be the top 4 fold down ironing boards based on sales and user ratings plus our recommended choice. Check out our review below and make an informed decisions.

Reviews of the Top Fold Down Ironing Boards

1. Brabantia; Moving Circles Ironing Board


The Brabantia Moving Circles Ironing board is designed for comfortable and functional ironing.

This folding ironing board comes with a wider than average stable worktop suitable for steam ironing.

It is a high end multipurpose ironing board with clever features for comfort and safety.

Its Features

The Brabantia Ironing board; moving circles design has three main sizes A, B and C. C being its widest board of 49 x 18 inches in size with a 0.98-inch ivory frame.

It comes with four adjustable heights between 30 to 38 inches, a child and transport locks that stops accidental board collapse and securely locks the board safely for storage.

In addition, this ironing board has a 100% cotton cover with a stylish moving circles design made of foam and viscose under layer.

Benefits of the Brabantia Ironing Board

  • The adjustable heights of this fold down ironing board offer an ergonomic solution, suitable for everyday ironing requirements. Therefore, it suits a wide range of people even those who are physically challenged, and they would like an ironing board they can use easily.
  • The ironing board also has a safety conscious design. If you are looking for an ironing board that is safe to use around your children, this is it.
  • Its robust heat-resistant protective non-slip caps provide a resting spot for hot iron that prevents damage to the iron and cover while the child and transport locks provide stability while ironing and storage.
  • The thicker pad that lines the mesh top ensures that ironed clothes are free of marks and creases.
  • The stylish cover with the moving circles design is suitable for wrinkle free results, the tensioner ensures the surface remains stiff for an even ironing.

Specifications of this Board

  • Size: A (110 x 30 cm), B (124 x 38 cm), C (124 x 45 cm)
  • Weight: 15 pounds (7kgs)
  • Weight (shipping): 22 pounds (10kgs)
  • Manufactured by: Brabantia
  • Cover: 100% pure cotton

Who is the Product Designed For?

This fold down ironing board with its extra-wide surface is designed for those who would like to iron larger items such as beddings and it can be adjusted to good height suitable for tall people.

FAQs about this Board

  • What are the dimensions of this range of ironing boards when I fold them? The dimensions when folded are 160 by 45cms, 50cms at the widest point. The board is quite heavy and larger than standard boards. However, it can be snuggly stored in narrow places such as behind a door.
  • How much weight can the board withstand? The board has hollow legs although very solid. They can withstand any pressing pressure regardless of the amount of clothes you want to iron.
  • Is it suitable to use with a steam generator iron? The board features a solid steam iron rest and therefore can work with steam irons without the risk of burning the cover or destroying your iron.
  • Is the iron rest detachable? The iron rest is not automatically detachable.
  • Does the mesh ironing surface leave marks on garments? The mesh ironing surface is covered with a heavy blanket-like undercover that does not leave marks on garments.
  • What are the height adjustment of this range of ironing boards? There are 7 height adjustments between 69-96cm. The board can go from very low possibly a sitting position to counter and higher level.
  • Is the board frame rust resistant? The board has an Ivory frame with an enamel finish which should prevent any rusting.
  • Where is, the board made? The Brabantia products are made in-house depending on the country by a Dutch company.
  • What is the width of the board? The board is 50 x 15 inches wide.



  • The Brabantia has a wide working area that makes it suitable for ironing any item. It is ideal even for large items like bed linens.
  • The board has a shoulder-shape design suited for ironing blouses and shirts and not to forget a pointed end to fit trousers.
  • The 100% cotton cover with a trendy moving circles design is reinforced with resilient foam and viscose under layer for crease-free results. It does not leave marks and remains taut whilst ironing.
  • The board does not rock when ironing due to the protective non-slip caps at each foot therefore it works on all types of floor surfaces.
  • The board can be adjusted between heights of 69-96cm appropriate for tall people.

  • The Brabantia is a large ironing board that would require more storage space and is a bit heavy and bulky to move around.
  • The lowest height of the ironing board would be too high for some people. Therefore, this ironing board is not suited for ironing while sitting down.
  • The heat pads are not detachable and it lacks a quick fold and collapse lock. These may cause some inconveniences while ironing and trying to fold and store the board away.

2. Reliable the Board 100IB Ironing Board

Make ironing a satisfactory and less tiresome event with this handmade Italian ironing board. The stable large surface makes ironing easier no matter what size of garment.

Its traditional tube-frame and galvanized metal screen ensures the durability this product.

Its Features

This fold down ironing board has a high-quality tube frame made by highly skilled Italian craftsmen with a single lead free wishbone leg and a high coat finishing that leaves it looking great in the long hall.

The working area has a poly cotton cover with a 500-gram felt padding. It has seven step height adjustments with a magnet locking system for easy storage.

Benefits of this Board

  • This designer folding ironing board is stable with ergonomic support that makes it easier and more comfortable to iron. It has 7-height adjustments that allows the board to go from 30 inches to 38 inches in height so you can decide to iron while either standing or sitting down.
  • This ironing board was made for stability; the tube frame construction offers rigidity while its single wishbone legs reduce wobbling. The iron station rests at an angle, designed for ergonomic support and is reinforced to support steam irons in full capacity. The working area has a high-end poly cotton cover and its felt padding ensures smooth ironing.

Specifications of this Board

  • Size: 149.9 x 48.3 x 11.4 cm
  • Weight: 17 pounds (8kgs)
  • Weight (shipping): 19 pounds (9kgs)
  • Manufactured by: Reliable
  • Cover: poly cotton

Who is the Board Designed For?

The board is suitable for household and professional use. Its folding legs therefore it does not take up too much storage space.

FAQs about the Product

  • What are the dimensions of the ironing boards when folded? The dimensions of the board when folded are 48cms by 8cms by 152cms. It can be stored in a 61 inch storage area.
  • Is this ironing board sturdy on hardwood floors? The rubber at the feet of the ironing board prevents budging as the rubber grips the floor while ironing.
  • Is the iron rest detachable? The iron rest is not detachable unless permanently removed from the board. The rack is connected using rivets for security. It needs a metal chop to remove the rack permanently.
  • What does the ironing board weight? To ensure stability the ironing board trades off on weight therefore can be quite bulky.
  • Is the ironing board rust proof? The high coat white finish protects the board form wear and tear and leaves it looking good for years.
  • Does the ironing board require assembly? The product comes pre-assembled.
  • Does the board comes with wheels? The Reliable 1000lb ironing board does not come with wheels.
  • Are the plastic tabs on the iron tray heat proof? The tabs of the iron rest are heat proof that will not damage the soleplate of the iron.



  • This ironing board is wider working area than most ironing board that is suited for both small and large items like beddings.
  • Hate ironing mesh marks on garments? This modern ironing board metal board pad has a thick under layers that does not leave marks on clothing giving you a smooth, crease free ironing experience.
  • The iron station supports use of steam irons without the risk of destroying the cover, the study frame supports steam irons in full capacity without the fear of the board collapsing.
  • Whether you like ironing sitting down or standing the 100lb has got you covered. The height adjustments especially suitable for tall people.
  • The shape of the board with the customized tapered end makes it easy to iron shirts, blouses and trouser. Its set-up and assembly is straight forward and easy to install and get going.

  • The iron board does not have a ratchet and uses a magnetic mechanism to close therefore it collapses automatically after it reaches the lowest height adjustment notch.
  • The iron cord gets stuck between the iron station and board and require some adjusting to individual ironing method. The solution is to remove the tray permanently.
  • The ironing surface area is wider than the traditional ironing board can be too long, big, or bulky for some users.

3. Classic Extra Wide 4 Leg Ironing Board with Natural Cotton Cover and Iron Holder, Bronze by Household Essentials 


Get optimised ironing with the Household essentials classic extra wide 4 leg ironing board.

Its wide working area, thick heat resistant pad and attached hanger bars provides comfortable and convenient ironing while the antique bronze colour gives the board an elegant look.

Its Features

This fold down ironing board has an extra wide working area that provides an expansive ironing area, iron rest and hanger bars. The boards 4 leg stance provides stability while maintain a streamlined elegant look.

Its height can be adjusted to a minimum of 29.5 inches and a maximum of 36.5 inches; its 18 inches wide and 49 inches deep. Its iron station and heat resistant pads come with adjustable wings to accommodate irons of all sizes.

Benefits of the Board

  • The wide top board allows you to work faster and accommodates both large and small items.
  • The board comes attached with hanger bars where you can hang clothes whilst you iron.
  • Its cover is made of natural cotton and has a thick pad that does not leave marks on your ironed clothes.
  • The board folds easily and comes with a transportation lock that leaves it locked when not in use.
  • The board also has a dedicated sleeves board made for ironing sleeves and cuffs. The board offers different stances for enhanced stability that suits personal preference and style.

Specifications of the Product

  • Size: 49 x 18 x 36.5 inches
  • Weight: 15.4 pounds (7kgs)
  • Weight (shipping): 20.6 pounds (9.3kgs)
  • Manufactured by: Household Essentials
  • Cover: natural cotton

Who is the Product Designed For?

This fold down ironing board is suited for domestic ironing. The wide board especially makes it easier to iron larger items.

FAQs about the product

  • Is the iron board suited for left-hand had use? The uniform design of the angled iron rest allows it to work for both left and right handed use.
  • Can the height be adjusted to a sitting height? The ironing board can be adjusted to a minimum height of 29.5 inches and therefore can be used while sitting down. The handle release under the board that is used to collapse it can also be used to adjust the height.
  • What is the height of the board from floor to board top at the tallest setting? The ironing board measures 37 inches from floor to top of pad.
  • What is the length folded up? The lengths fold up to 64 inches from bottom to up and 18 inches to the side.
  • Where is this product made? The board is made in China and distributed by Household Essentials.
  • Can one detach the iron station? The iron station or holder does not automatically detach from the board. Once can permanently detach the iron holder by drilling out the rivets that hold it in place.
  • Is the iron board cover long lasting? The cover is made of natural cotton therefore is durable moreover the padding underneath is thick adding to the durability of the working area. Replacement covers are however easy to find.
  • What is the size is the ironing board cover? The ironing board cover is 49 x 18 x 36.5 inches
  • Is the cover washable? The cover instructions state “surface wipe only” However if one prefers it can be washed and replaced.
  • Is it safe to place a hot iron on its iron station? The iron station is made of metal and it is fitted with heat resistant silicon pads that can be adjusted to fit different iron sizes for a more secure sit.



  • What distinguishes this folding ironing board from the rest is the innovative cord minder that keeps the iron cord out of the way while ironing so you do not have to scuffle with the cord while you are ironing.
  • Additionally, the board also comes with handy hanging bar which adds to the practicality of using the board that keeps you ironing and you clothes crease free.
  • The sleeve board is a wonderful addition for ironing sleeves and cuffs. The sleeves board hovers over the main board and is especially made for ironing sleeves and cuffs one at a time.
  • The iron rest has heat resistant silicon pads that are adjustable to fit different iron sizes. This convenient feature that lets you iron without the fear of burning you clothes or cover or tumbling your iron over.
  • The board is easy to fold and retrieve with a transportation lock. The collapsible leg lock located underneath the board locks the legs in place and stays close for safe storage.
  • The ironing board comes with different leg stances. The classic T-Leg, the modern Euro-Keg, the sophisticated Bamboo Leg and the 4-leg design for extra stability.

  • The added features and the extra wide working area makes the board heavy and bulky for some people.
  • The sleeve board comes as an extra attachment and can be wobbly moreover it is sold separately as an accessory.
  • The cotton cover may shrink when exposed to very hot steam.

4. Homz T-Leg Adjustable Height Foam Pad Ironing Board with Cotton Cover, Green Cover


Do you need a simple solution for all your ironing need? Well, the Homz T-Leg Adjustable Height Foam Pad Ironing Board is the board for you.

This study T-leg board that comes with a wide working area and adjustable height provides a solid and smooth ironing experience.

The board is light weight making it portable to suit every domestic need.

Its Features

This fold down ironing board is a basic 53 by 13 inches ironing board with ample space for large or small sized items. The height adjusts to maximum of 35 inches.

The cover is made of 100% cotton cover lined with a foam pad that lies on top a solid metal mesh. This ironing board comes equipped with a patented leg lock for stability while ironing and transporting. Its green and white design aesthetically fits any house design.

Benefits of the Board

  • This ironing board’s most notable feature is its simplistic design. It is a great appliance for the home, and despite its simplicity, it serves the purpose.
  • It has a light weight feel. It weighs less than 10 pounds which makes it light and easy to carry around.
  • The T-leg design provides study support for all your ironing needs. Its patent lock provides added strength and makes transport and storage easier.
  • Its working area has a thick pad over a solid metal mesh guaranteeing crease free and even ironing.

Specifications of the Board

  • Size: 53.9 x 36.5 x 14.4 inches
  • Weight: 9.9 pounds (4.49 kgs)
  • Weight (shipping): 9.9 pounds (4.49 kgs)
  • Manufactured by: Home Products International
  • Cover: 100% pure cotton

Who is the Ironing Board Designed For?

It is a lightweight fold down ironing board suitable for homemakers living in lofts, apartments with limited storage space. It’s especially lightweight therefore more suited for light use.

FAQs about the Ironing Board

  • Can the height be adjusted to a sitting height? The height is fully adjustable and you can iron while sitting down.
  • Is the board top made of metal? The board top is made of metal.
  • Is the metal top solid or mesh? The metal top is solid metal with small holes about two inches apart.
  • Does the T-Leg board come with an ironing pad? The board comes with a fully padded cover.
  • Does the board have an ironing station attached? No, due its simplistic lightweight design, the t-leg board does not come with an attached ironing station.
  • Is the board easy to fold? The patented lever lock makes the board very easy to fold. The small metal lever is located at the bottom of the board with a plastic tip that you pull to fold the board.
  • Is the ironing board’s pad thick? The ironing board pad has a foam pad underneath a 100% cotton cover making it thick and will not leave marks on ironed garments.



  • This is a nice lightweight folding ironing board; it weighs less than 10 pounds and is adjustable to a maximum height of 35 inches making it a comfortable and portable ironing solution.
  • The board folds very easily, the patent leg lock design makes it easily to fold and transport the board to storage securely.
  • The green and white look fits perfectly with any household aesthetically therefore the board will not stand out like a sore thumb.
  • The cover is made of 100% cotton, with a foam pad lining for comfortable ironing that does not leave marks on ironed clothes
  • The metal t-leg are made of durable material and riveted so that the board does not wobble while ironing.

  • This is a basic board that is OK for light use, gets the job done for domestic use and may not be suitable for professional ironing.
  • The simplistic design may lack desirable features that are present in more fully packed ironing boards.
  • To keep the simplistic and light weight design does not come with an iron station therefore it is suitable for individuals who do not like having the iron stand at the end of the board.

Our Recommendation

Based on user ratings and reviews, we confidently recommend you buy the Brabantia Moving Circles Ironing board.

This board has received hundreds of positive reviews and is a top selling folding ironing board on Amazon. Not only does it come with a 10 year guarantee, it  has a wide working area plus a 100% cotton cover that does not leave marks when ironing.

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