Best Wall Mounted Clothes Drying Rack

In this review post, we will be reviewing what we consider to be good quality wall mounted clothes drying racks on sale in the market. We review their features, pros and cons and give links where you can buy them directly from

Under each review, you will see a subheading such as “Intro”, “Features” etc. When you click on any of them, a tab opens revealing more information about the product.

We’ve also pulled data from the Amazon servers under “Customer Reviews” tab through their API so you can see customer comments regarding each product.

1. Whitmor Wall Mounted White Clothes Drying Rack

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Whitmor’s passion is to make your home life more simpler by making everyday tasks easy to implement.

Their white wall mounted clothes drying rack is an excellent choice that makes good use of empty wall spaces in your home.

This clothes racks can be used for to hang different types of fabrics including undergarments, swimsuits, towels.

Its a great clothes rack especially for laundry rooms that have small floor spaces.

Below are the features of this rack:-

– It is made of wood and is painted white with a moisture resistant paint.
– Its dimensions are 25.0″ (the amount it sticks out from the wall) x 23.0″ x 27.0″. You can easily assembly this rack and it comes with the recommended tools drill with 1/4″ bit and Phillips screwdriver
– You can adjust this rack on 3 different levels.
– The rack weight is about 11 pounds.

At the highest adjustment level, this rack sticks out and creates a 21 inch depth. Installation of this drying rack is first drill two holes on your wall using a 1/4″ bit (does not come with purchase) and insert the wall anchors included.

Once the wall anchors are on the wall, Hang the drying rack with two screws included.


– Adjustable rack that fits well in small spaces
– Simple to hang and strong
– when not using it, sasily fold it flat against your wall.


– To make it more stable, it would have been a good idea to add 2 screws to the bottom. I would also suggest having another set of brackets at the top of the rack for the interior wire would be helpful.

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2. Brightmaison Wall Mounted Foldable Drying Rack

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This is another quality wall mounted drying rack to consider for your laundry needs.

his rack is made of stainless steel to ensure that it lasts for many years without rusting. Its silver in color and its dimensions are 30” (Width) x 22.25” x 18.75” (Height). It weighs about 6 pounds.

– Use this clothes rack to hang clothes from the dryer..items such as socks, shirts, underwear and hats. You can also use it as a bathroom towel rack, swimming pool area towel rack or even a laundry room

– Can fit well in small laundry rooms

– To assemble it, use the mounting harware that comes with each purchase.

Once you mount it, the front edge of the stretches about 22 1/4″ from the wall. How much weight can it hold? Someone mentioned that it can hold about 6 or 7 damp towels on the rack. The same person
also said that they have hung quilts, towels and sweaters without any problems.

The space between each bars is about 2 inches so this allows you to drape items such as socks and underwear easily.


– Great wall rack if you don’t have floor space. Easy to put together and hang!
– This is a sturdy wall rack that is able to hold a lot of weight. There is enough hanging space than the accordion type or or pull down type of clothes racks.

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3. Danya B Accordion Clothes Drying Rack

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The Danya B drying clothes rack is a retractable multi-purpose clothes hanger that fits well in your laundry room or bathroom.

When you fully extended it, you get ten separate slots to hang your garments. This clothes rack also has 5 large hooks that you can use to hang towels and other items.

It is made of wood and painted with a water resistant white finish. Concerning its dimensions, its 36″ long, 10″ deep and 18″ inches high. When fully extended, the rack covers a distance of 28.5″ from the wall. The Danya B wall mounted clothes rack weighs about 17 lbs

Another cool feature of this clothes rack is that it has an attractive top shelf that you can use to store other small personal stuff such as jewelry or other supplies.


– Easy to assemble. To make assembly easier, use a power screw driver & drill
– Sturdy, functional and attractive.


– The hooks are hard to install because of the tiny screws that come with it.

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4. Royal 7 Stainless Steel Wall Drying Rack

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The Royal 7 stainless steel wall mounted clothes drying rack can be adjusted to 3 three positions as you can see from the picture

When you are not using it, just fold it down. Its dimensions are 21
x 19 x 22 inch (DxHxW). It extends 21 inches out when opened to its highest setting.

Apart from hanging wet clothes on it, you can also use it as a towel holder.

It comes fully assembled and the only thing you need to do is mount it up and screw it in place. If you are wondering how much weight it can hold, I wouldn’t recommend you overdoing it and placing weighty garments on it.

It does not fold down 100% flat but probably something like 90% down.


– Comes fully assembled, ready for mounting.
– No sharp edges or poor welding


– This rack comes in 2 widths, ie the 22″ or 32″. Since wall studs are normally 18′ on center, this will require you to use wall anchors on at least on side.
Now, the wall anchors provided have no shoulder so you have to be very careful when installing the screws otherwise you’ll push the anchors right through the wall board before the screws get a good bite.

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5. Smartsome Stainless Steel Wall Fold Away Rack

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The Smartsome wall mounted folding rack stretches out to 22 feet giving you multiple hanging spaces for your clothes and delicates including towels, jeans, sweaters and underwear.

Its made of stainless steel and its been designed to hold up to 60 pounds of laundry.

You can use it indoors for your daily washing needs or you can also use it outside around pool areas to hang towels or bathrobes.

It weighs around 8 pounds. The wall bracket sizes are 8.75” high x 1.5” wide. Its easy to install with its teardrop mounting style.

On installation, one user commented that when you mount it on your wall, do drill big holes to place the brackets into the wall which wont stop the the screws from falling behind the wall. A good solution to this issue would be to buy some extra large washers that fit the screw.

– Made of stainless steel. Does not rust
– Designed with plenty of rack space in mind so it easily holds lots of laundry at once.
– Folds easily when not in use

– Some people complain of bolting challenges when setting it up.

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Preventing Water Damage in the Laundry Room

Most people normally put the washer and drier in their laundry rooms. These machines do produce heat and moisture and as such, you need to do maintenance that will help prevent mold from building up and other water related problems.

Below are quick to understand guidelines that will give you great tips and indications for potential problems that can be caused by utility sinks, washers, dryers and filters.

The Washer

The washer is normally connected to the hot and cold water sources. We advise that you check them from time to time. You can start by checking the joints and if you find a leak, fix it. Dont forget to check both ends of the water lines.

Its a good idea to replace the filters once in a while. When a filter is blocked, it slow the water movement into the washing machine which can end up in serious malfunctions. This is especially worse in households that are supplied with hard water.

Open and inspect the shut off valve by searching for drips into the washing machine while you are not using it. Should you notice a leak, we recommend you replace the valve ASAP.

Hoses & Filters

In many appliances, problems do often start inside the hose. We recommend that you you keep at least 4 inches between the water connection and the back of the washer. What this does is stop the hose from kinking itself and bursting as a result.

If the hoses are old, replace them. A better replacement would be to buy and install steel-braided hoses.

The Dryer

The dryer is another component that needs to be checked. It is connected to a ventilation hose. Make sure that the dryer ventilation hose is connected to the outdoors.

Check it carefully and look out for lint behind & under the dryer and also make sure that there is no clogging on the vent pipe. Also ensure that the exhaust is as short as possible for the dryer to vent efficiently,

Utility Sink

Lastly, do check the utility sink. In some instances, this is the trigger for water related problems. Look out for leaks under the sink. If you do notice dripping of water under the sink, fix it immediately as this can be a bad sign of problems you will face and as such should be repaired immediately.

If you notice slow draining pipes, this may indicate that the there is a partially blocked drain. A faucet that is dripping all the time should be repaired ASAP.

Another thing that you need to do is check the sink seals and if there are cracked or loose, replace them. If you notice damp or stained walls around your plumbing pipes, fix them before more damage occurs. Stained walls indicate that there are internal leaks.

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