4 Best Black & Decker Steam Irons Review

Black & Decker is a well known manufacturer of steam irons because their irons offer an interesting mix of features at affordable pricing. In this blog post, we will be looking at some of our best Black and Decker steam irons in the market.

  1. Black & Decker D2030 Steam Iron
  2. Black & Decker D3030 Steam Iron
  3. BLACK & Decker  D2530 Digital Advantage Steam Iron
  4. BLACK & Decker Vitessa Advanced Steam Iron

1. BLACK & DECKER D2030 Steam Iron

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The BLACK & DECKER D2030 steam iron is consistently rated as one of the best steam irons in the market. Its popular due to its fair price and interesting features and has been a consistent best seller for many years.

  1. The iron has a smooth durable stainless steel soleplate that makes your ironing experience more enjoyable that glides well over different types of fabrics. The handle is not too thick and offers you a comfortable grip as you use it.
  2. The iron has a digital temperature control system that can be accessed through an LCD screen that allows you to to choose the temperature that you want to iron with. The digital screen also allows you to customize the steam settings to use to blast away wrinkles more efficiently according to the fabric type.
  3. The independent steam & temp controls allow you to customize each setting separately for the best results across all fabric types. The LCD display can be found right at the top, next to the buttons for spray mist and burst of steam.
  4. Another neat thing about this steam iron is that the screen flashes “READY” the moment the iron is warmed up to the temperature that you selected. You will also notice that there is a guide printed just below the handle to advice you on what temperature the iron needs to be for different fabrics.
  5. There is also an automatic shutoff feature when the steam iron is left unattended for more than 30 seconds. I remember years ago coming from work only to find my iron hot because I had forgotten to unplug it from the power source so the automatic shutoff feature is a neat thing to have for safety sake.
  6. The power cord is about eight feet long and is a 360° pivoting cord. The manufacturer recommends using tap water for steam.
  7. The BLACK & DECKER D2030 has an autoclean system which flushes out mineral deposits that might end up reducing the performance or damaging the iron if left unchecked for a long time
What I Like About This Steam Iron

– Has an optimal weight..not too heavy and not too light either.
– Heats up quite fast. It also beeps when it is at optimum temperature to iron your clothes.
– The water reservoir is easy to fill up and you are able to see easily how much water is left for ironing or spraying purposes.
– By the push of a button, you can easily change the settings for the type of fabric you want to iron.


– Some may find the non-retractable cord a bother
– You will notice that when you plug in the iron, you will have to push the button in order for you to set your temperature control. For example, if you want to select the “cotton”, you are required to push the button 5 times, each and every time you plug in the iron..its not a big deal anyway by some people may find this annoying.

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2. BLACK & DECKER D3030 Steam Iron

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The Black and Decker D3030 steam iron shares common features that are found in the D2030 model.
  1. A heavy duty stainless steel soleplate that glides smoothly over your fabrics. We also have the auto-clean system to flush out minerals and help keep the iron functioning well over a long time
  2. The iron has the 5 variable temperature and steam controls that allow you to choose different settings to enable you get the best ironing temperatures for  different types of fabrics. It has a digital display like the D2030 and Rowenta DW9280.
  3. The digital display on the irons indicates the the temperature that you have chosen and it also shows the optimal level of steam needed for each setting.
  4. The automatic shutoff feature is also found in this iron. The iron will shut off after 30 seconds of being unattended and 8 minutes on heel rest.
  5. The manufacturer claims that the Dynamic Steam technology generated by this iron gives 30% more steam when compared to its competitors specifically the Shark GI405 and T-Fal FV4476. The iron has a 2 years warranty.
  6. For hangings or vertical fabrics such as soft fabrics like lace and silk, you can use this steam iron as a steamer for quick touch-ups right on the hanger.
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3. BLACK & DECKER D2530 Digital Advantage Steam Iron

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Another great Black & Decker iron. It shares most of the features of other irons from the same manufacturer.

  1. High Steam Rate – Enabling you to remove wrinkles as quickly as possible. You can also control the steam burst rate through the customizable digital settings
  2. Digital Temperature Control
  3. Stainless Steel Soleplate
  4. Variable Temperature and Steam Controls
  5. Automatic Shutoff – Shuts off after 30 seconds when left unattended and 8 minutes when on its heel rest

Other features worth mentioning include:
– 1500 W power rating
– 8 oz water tank capacity
– Stainless steel soleplate
– Weighs 3.3 lbs
– Comes with a 3 year warranty
– You can use it vertically as a steamer, which is a good feature when working on drapes and upholstery

What I Like About This Steam Iron

– Does not leak or drip
– The iron has a setting that allows you to continuously steam your garments without pushing a button
– Heats up fast
– The steam’ feature works well


Someone complained that the dial for adjusting the steam volume is located in a place where you will find yourself sometimes unintentionally bumping it

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4. BLACK & DECKER Vitessa Advanced Steam Iron

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This is another great iron by Black & Decker.

  1. A soleplate designed to give you a smooth flow as you iron your garments and fabrics. The soleplate is non stick that will minimize staining your fabric with those ugly stains.
  2. Its smartsteam technology is designed to optimize the amount of steam needed based on the temperature that you have set.
  3. You can also use this iron to steam drapes and curtains in your home. No need to buy an extra steamer to do this for you.
  4. The automatic shutoff feature cuts off the power when the iron is left on its soleplate unattended for 30 seconds or 8 minutes on its heel rest. A great security feature to help prevent fires and burnt garments.
  5. The iron runs on 1200 w and its cord reel unwinds fast for easy storage and use..
  6. This steam iron uses normal tap water. To fill in the water reservoir, with the iron placed on a flat surface and with the soleplate tilted at 45° angle, open the water-fill cover. Using a clean measuring cup, pour water into opening until water reaches the “MAX” level mark on
    the side of the water tank. Do not overfill. Close the water-fill cover securely.
What I Like About This Iron

– One of the best things about this iron is its retractable cord. I’m sure mothers with small kids will find this feature very handy.
– The iron does not leak compared to Rowenta models
– Gives out steam evenly. Its temperature dial is easy to use


The iron is a little heavier than expected but overall its a great iron to own

Questions Asked

  1. Whats the voltage of this iron? 110v
  2. Is the water reservoir large enough? Yes it is
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