How to Fold/Close an Ironing Board – Step by Step Guide

The ironing board is a necessary item in most households. Most of us no longer do our ironing on beds and tables, since the invention of the ironing board. Before we discuss how to fold or close an ironing board, let us discuss some things about ironing boards.

Most ironing boards have a flat surface. How else would you keep your clothes flat when ironing? The flat metal base is covered with a foam pad and a decorative cover.

The cover is made of a beautiful and heat-resistant fabric. These covers are designed to attract the eye of the buyer and come in different colors.

The foam is a pad with tiny vent holes, which allow steam to penetrate clothes and escape. That is why the steam from a steam iron never burns you. It goes through the clothes, through the foam pad and into the air.

The ironing board has a rounded point on one end, making it easier to iron trouser legs and shirtsleeves. At the other end, there is a heatproof iron rest. A good ironing board will have an iron rest that is large enough to hold a heavy iron to help you iron properly. It should also be strong enough to hold the iron in place.

There are three major types of ironing boards.

Portable Ironing Boards.

how to fold ironing board
Table Top Ironing Board

These are easy to move around the house. They have extendable legs that can be folded. These legs are folded out when you want to iron, and folded away when you are done.

The height of portable ironing board can also be adjusted. These kinds of ironing board are very handy to have around the house.

Table Top Ironing Boards.

Portable Ironing Board

This kind of ironing board sits on a table or a counter. It is popular with people who live in small and confined spaces like dorm rooms or small apartments. It is also very handy and easy to carry around.

Wall Mounted Ironing Boards.

how to fold ironing board
Wall Mounted Ironing Board

This ironing board folds out from a closet or a wall. It is convenient for people living in smaller houses and apartments and can be installed in confined areas. This ironing board takes only a few seconds to put away, as it is stored away flat against the wall.

Now that we know the types of ironing boards, which one foldable? The portable one, of course. Some of the legs of these types of ironing boards are not as strong as they look, and therefore have to be folded carefully.

Let us now go through the steps of:

How to fold/close an ironing board.

First, make sure your ironing board has a lever press. This lever press should be at the edge of the board. If your board has two levers, press each one and see what moves. If the legs move, that is the one to push when you want to fold it.

If you want to fold your ironing board to the floor, follow these steps. Make sure you do not squeeze your fingers or break a nail in the process.

  1. Place one hand on the lever press and the other hand on the opposite side of the board. Hold the other end of the board carefully, especially if this is your first attempt at folding the ironing board.
  2. Press the lever slowly. As you press it, squat to the floor and slowly bring the ironing board down. Make sure the board is level (parallel to the floor) as you do this.
  3. Gently lower the board all the way to the floor. Move your feet out of the way. Once the board is flat on the floor, release the lever. Did you notice how when you press the lever, the legs fold in or out? Once you stop pressing it, they become firm.
  4. Raise the board off the floor so that the rounded part (or the nose) is pointing upward.
  5. Hold the board firmly with one hand as you secure the legs in the leg-lock with the other hand.
  6. Congratulations! You have successfully learnt how to fold an ironing board!

In case you do not have the time or patience to fold the ironing board when it is on the floor, you can fold it when it is standing. Now this can be tricky. Once again, watch your fingers and your nails!

  1. Press the lever press with one hand, and lean the board back towards the rear feet with the other hand.
  2. Raise the rounded end of the board upwards as you lower the back end of the board to the floor.
  3. Press the lever slowly, and observe the front feet rising off the floor as the legs fold closed.
  4. Once the legs are folded completely, secure them in the leg lock.

Congratulations! Now you can put the ironing board away until the next time you need it.

If you follow the listed steps carefully, you will be able to fold your ironing board with your eyes closed in no time! Let us look at a few pointers on how to store your ironing board safely.

How to Store an Ironing Board Safely

  • Do not try to fold the ironing board just after you finish ironing. You might burn yourself if you touch the iron rest when it is still hot.
  • Make sure you secure the legs firmly. It would be quite shocking to see legs suddenly pop out at you as you walk past. It is also dangerous.
  • The ironing board should be stored at a place where it will not slide or fall.
  • If the lever is spoilt, have it fixed. Alternatively, visit YouTube and see how to fold your ironing board using a screwdriver and pliers.

Now you know how to fold an ironing board and store it safely. Its up to you now to take good care of your ironing board so that it can serve you faithfully.

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