Ironing Board Cabinets Review: 4 Popular Options

In this blog post we will be reviewing some of the popular ironing boards with cabinets that are either mounted or installed in the wall. These are:

  1. Built In Ironing Board Cabinet by USAFlagCases
  2. StowAway In-Wall Ironing Board Cabinet by Household Essentials
  3. Hide Away Ironing Board Cabinet With Mirrored Door by Organizedlife
  4. Wall Mount Ironing Board Center with Storage and Wall Mirror by Southern Enterprises

1. Built In Ironing Board Cabinet by USAFlagCases

ironing board cabinet


This ironing board cabinet is made using raw wood. The cabinet can be mounted anywhere or can be recessed between studs. The cabinet protrusion is 6.5″ only when you mount it on a wall. The cabinet has enough storage area for you to store your personal items

This cabinet is manufactured in the USA and the company offers you free shipping with every order. The board is more than 3 feet long when you open it. Overall dimensions are dimensions are 42 1/2″ tall x 13″ wide x 5″ deep. The MDF door comes hinged on the right side but is reversible by changing the hinges…a good thing for left handed users.

There are 3 storage shelves and the mounting hardware, cover and pad is included with each purchase. No assembly is required on your part. The cabinet is designed to fit between 16″ centered 2 x 4 studs when recessed.


If you are not an expert on installation, its best you get a professional carpenter to install it for you. You will surely need his help to recess and finish out the trim.

The manufacturer suggests that you always cut a pilot hole first that can be covered by surface mounting the unit if needed. If you don’t have any obstructions in the wall where you desire to recess it, cut a rough opening measuring: 42 5/8 x 13 1/8 x 5 3/4″. Remember to determine the height needed for the ironing board BEFORE you cut the wall!!

The product comes with installation instructions to help you install it without too much trouble. The package has a customer care number in the packaging for you to call should you require assistance.

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2. StowAway In-Wall Ironing Board Cabinet by Household Essentials

This is another popular ironing board with cabinet that installs into the wall. The wooden cabinet houses the ironing board inside it until you are ready to iron.

This cabinet installs between 16″-on center wood or metal studs. The hardware comes with the package for wood studs only).

The cabinet has been given a white laminate finish on MDF cabinetry. On the inside, the wooden board is 11.75″ x 41″ in dimensions & it folds out forward 44.5″ from the wall & turns both to the right and to the left swivels all the way to the right and left.There are 2 storage shelves on the inside.

  • The top shelf dimensions are: 13.25″ x 4.375″ and 12″ tall
  • The bottom shelf dimensions are: 13.25″ x 3.5″ and 16″ tall/

One thing you need to remember is that this ironing board cabinet MUST be set inside a wall, not mounted on the surface of the wall.

Installation requires cutting a rectangle into the walls surface and setting the cabinet inside the cutout. PLEASE REVIEW VIDEO for more info!  Cabinet also includes two storage shelves

2.1 Installation

Before you begin make sure that your board has all the parts listed on the parts list found on the opening page of the stowaways instruction manual. Next, collect the tools you’ll need from the tools list.

Now that you have all the parts and tools needed to properly install your board let’s begin:-

  1. Select a spot to install your board. We suggest a laundry room, bedroom walk-in closet or another room of your choice. In finding your best location be sure to have an electrical outlet nearby or if you purchase the optional light kit have a licensed electrician run an electrical line to the unit.
  2. Make sure you have enough space for the board to swivel a full 180 degrees. You’ll need approximately 66 inches of clearance space. As you finalize your location keep in mind whether your door will open to the right or to the left.
  3.  First locate the framing studs in your wall using a stud finder. Measure 25 inches from the floor. Using a level draw straight line 14 and a quarter inches across from the inside of one stud to the other (this will put your ironing board surface at the standard height of 36 inches). The height adjustment feature raises the ironing surface to approximately 38 inches.
  4. If you would like a different height range of your ironing surface, adjust your starting measurement from the floor up to the bottom of the cutout
  5. Using the horizontal line that you have just drawn measure up forty six and a quarter inches and mark the height. This is the height of the cutout you will need to properly install your stowaway unit.
  6. Using a level draw a horizontal line 14 and a quarter inches between the studs. Use your level to draw straight vertical lines connecting the bottom line to the top line. Your resulting shape should be a rectangle.
  7. Now, use a drywall saw and cut along the outline creating an opening between the two wall studs. If you are using a light pit (sold separately) stop here and have an electrical line dropped to the unit by a certified electrician. (Light kit installation instructions are found in the light kit box).

2.2 Preparing Cabinet & Door For Installation

  1. Before you install your unit you need to mount the hinges on the door and drill pilot holes in a unit frame. To mount the hinges on to the door locate the mark slots on the back side of the door.
  2. Slide the hinge into the slot laying the plastic part of the hinge flush against the back side of the door
  3. Using two phillips panhead screws attach the hinge to the door. Repeat these steps to attach the second hinge.
  4. This is the point when you must decide if your door is right or left hinge. To drill the pilot holes which you will later use to install the cabinet door, lay the door beside the ironing board cabinet with both hinges fully opened. Slide the door toward the cabinet so the hinges extend inside. Each hinge has two small stop guides that should rest against the front edge of the cabinet and stop the hinge from going farther.
  5. Mark the location of the hinges mounting holes on the cabinet frame with a pencil. Using a 3/32 inch fit drill pilot holes half-inch deep into the cabinet frame for each mounting hole. Do not attach the door at this time as this will keep the unit lighter and easier to install.
  6. On the back of the cabinet door mount the garment hook using two phillips panhead screws. Place the garment hook two inches from the top edge and 1/2 inch from the side edge of the door to ensure proper fit.

2.3 Installing the StoreAway

Now you’re ready to install your stowaway unit

  1. Lift the unit using your legs not your back and place it in the cutout.
  2. Rest the ironing board cabinet on the drywall at the bottom of the cutout and tilt it into place.
  3. Drill Philips drywall screws into the side of the unit approximately one inch below the top shelf and one inch below the second shelf.
  4. Repeat on the other side. This will secure the cabinet to the studs in the wall

2.4 Install Cabinet Door

  1. Now that the ironing board cabinet has been secured attach the cabinet door by lining up the hinges on the door with the pilot holes in the frame,
  2. Attach the door to the frame with four Phillips pant head screws
  3. Congratulations you have just installed your stowaway inwall ironing board now simply slip your cover and pad into place and your board is ready to use.
  4. Enjoy

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3. Hide Away Ironing Board Cabinet With Mirrored Door by Organizedlife

This ironing board with cabinet from Organizedlife is designed to be mounted on the wall and can be folded up easily as a small cabinet to enable you save space in your laundry room, sewing room, or any other room. Its made up of four parts that include the ironing table, glass mirror, a cabinet and shelves .

There is a locking latch at the back of the ironing board & two hooks that are designed to hang your clothes on back of the door. This product comes with installation instructions that are easy to follow. You also get free mounting hardware with each purchase.

This wall mount ironing cabinet is made from durable and high quality MDF wood.

Dimensions of the Cabinet:

  1. 7.4″H * 14″W * 6.9″D
  2. Iron board size: 35″ * 12.6″
  3. Mirror size: 10″ * 33.6″

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4. Wall Mount Ironing Board Center with Storage and Wall Mirror by Southern Enterprises

This is the last ironing board with cabinet that we are going to review. This cabinet has the center space to store items such as an iron or water bottle. The other 2 shelves can be used to store other items such as lint brushes, sewing kits or scissors.

The cabinet has 2 hooks that you can use to hang your clothing items as you iron.  Once you have finished ironing, all you have to do is fold the board, latch the door and view your nicely pressed items in the mirror that adorns the outside of the unit.

This cabinet has a stylish design that can fit many living spaces.

When mounting this cabinet, make sure that the bottom of the center is 32.25″ from the floor.

  1. Cabinet Dimensions: 16″ W x 7″ D x 42″ H
  2. Iron Board measurements: 14″ W x 36.5″ L, and 30″ L on the outer edges
  3. 3 storage shelves measure 14.5″ W x 4″ D x 13″ H.
  4. Weight” 42 pounds. Ironing board supports upto 40 lb. The shelves support 10 lb.
  5. Comes with a 3mm mirror, MDF board
  6. No assembly required
  7. Made in Taiwan.

To clean this cabinet, the manufacturer recommends that you use a soft dry cloth and not an abrasive cleaner. They also recommend that you do not leave spills unattended and keep it away from direct sunlight to prevent it from fading.

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