Rowenta DW9280 Steamforce Steam Iron Review

The Rowenta brand is known to produce top quality products that are loved by many shoppers. In this blog post i will be reviewing the Rowenta DW9280 steamforce steam iron that is available in the market. We will look at its features, benefits, pros and cons that come with it.


This is an impressive steam iron that is unsurpassed in its versatility, comes with a number of automatic safety features and a great iron for people who iron a lot!

Rowenta DW9280 steamforce steam iron

Its known to remove winkles quite fast and its easy to use controls adjustable steam settings enable it to accommodate different kind of garments and home linens.

Rowenta DW9280 Steamforce Steam Iron Features

  • Power:  An 1800-watt steam iron
  • Its SteamForce technology enables quick, effective removal of wrinkles from all manner of clothes or fabrics
  • Has an inbuilt electronic steam pump that ejects a powerful burst of steam (up to 210g). They say that this powerful force enables 30% more steam into fabrics (compared to steam irons with no pump).
  • Its continuous steam output is about 35 g/min
  • Has a smooth-gliding stainless-steel soleplate that is covered with an ultra thin nonstick coating that is scratch-resistant to protect your delicate fabrics.
  • The soleplate has 400 steam holes to evenly distribute steam
  • The iron has a steam motion sensor that turns itself off when the iron stops moving helping to conserve water and electricity
  • This steam iron is self cleaning
  • The iron has anticalcium buildup system to prevent clogging and ultimate damage of the device
  • The iron can hold upto 350 ml of water in its reservoir
  • If you want to steam or iron vertical fabrics, the iron has vertical steam setting that you can set to enable you iron hanging garments and drapes.
  • Auto shutoff stops power after 8 minutes if left vertical, after 30 seconds if left horizontal or when tipped over.

What I Like About This Iron

  • Better steam distribution across the entire soleplate. This allows for superior steam penetration and more efficient ironing.
  • Designed to use normal tap water that is untreated without spitting or leaking
  • Electronic pump that pushes more steam into fabric for better ironing results. This iron is a better improvement compared to the DW6080 model
  •  The iron heats up quickly and gets between button holes without any hassle. It super glides across fabrics for a smooth ironing experience.
  • The faceplate of this steam iron is massive and knocks out wrinkles quickly and without a fuss.
  • Quilters have commented that this is a great iron to use for their work too
  • The nose section is pointed, which lets you get into corners a bit better.

What Needs To Be Improved 

  • Its hard to see the water level due to its blue finish. Not a critical issue but something to consider
  • Some say it makes noise from the internal pump

If you have the time watch this 9 minutes video review of the Rowenta DW9280 steamforce steam iron


People have noted that this iron is pricey compared to other steam irons. I think its superior features justify its price. For updated price of this steam iron, click the button below to be redirected to

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