Sunbeam Steammaster Steam Iron

The Sunbeam Steammaster, a product of the Sunbeam Corporation, proudly displays the ‘Made in China’ label as it blasts away wrinkles. When you purchase this iron, you are guaranteed quality, value for money and a steam iron that works!

Features of This Iron

  1. Anti-calc self-cleaning system – keeps the iron free of mineral deposits that may interfere with its performance
  2. 15 steam microholes on the soleplate – these holes ensure that steam is distributed evenly across the fabric during ironing.
  3. 1400 watts – powerful enough to do both big and small ironing jobs.
  4. Steam shot/vertical steam feature – for removing stubborn wrinkles in hanging garments and freshening drapes
  5. Anti-drip system – no more unsightly water spots on your garments!
  6. 8-foot retractable power cord –stays safely out of the way as you do your ironing.
  7. Large stainless steel soleplate – covers a wider area of garments when ironing.

What I like about this iron

  1. The 15 microholes under the soleplate release steam and balance steam production during the ironing process, making my job easier and faster. Also, the soleplate is large enough to cover larger areas while ironing, thus saving me lots of time.
  2. I like the steam shot feature because it’s perfect for removing tough creases on my clothes, as well as on hanging garments. I can also use it freshen my drapes and suits.
  3. The anti-drip system is one of the best features of this iron. I no longer have to worry about my delicate fabrics getting stained by drops of water.
  4. This iron comes with an 8-foot retractable cord that safely stays out of the way during ironing, and winds up easily when the iron is in storage. I don’t need to worry about tripping over it and dropping the iron in the process – an important safety feature.
  5. With this iron, I can comfortably select the exact amount of steam that I want for each fabric. As a result, there is no steam wastage, and I get to reduce the amount of electricity I use to iron.

Any Cons?

  1. User reports indicate that sometimes the iron overheats, causing the front end to melt.
  2. Other users say that with time, the microholes gather iron dust, and this dust causes staining during ironing.

Questions Asked

  1. Question: Can I use tap water with this iron? Answer: No, this iron does not use tap water.
  2. Question: Does this iron have a removable water tank? Answer: No, it doesn’t have a removable water tank.

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