Maytag M400 Speed Heat Steam Iron & Vertical Steamer Review


The Maytag M400 steam iron and vertical steamer heats fast to ensure speedy ironing and energy efficiency. You can do a week’s ironing within a shorter time while enjoying other features of this appliance.


  1. Vertical steam – It combines ironing with steaming. In addition to ironing my garments, it promises an easier time removing wrinkles from vertically positioned items such as curtains.
  2. Fast heating – Within a minute, I have maximum temperature to start ironing. This feature puts this iron apart from the designs we’ve used through the years. If I want steam, I get it in just three seconds.
  3. Precision temperature setting – It has a precision thermostat to set the temperature based on the fabric I am working on.
  4. Self-cleans – enhances durability of the iron by clearing accumulation of calcium and other minerals.
  5. An 8.1 liter tank – I get all the steam I need irrespective of the number of garments I am working on.
  6. Three-way shut off – The iron shuts off automatically when left vertically, horizontally or when I tip it over.
  7. Stainless steel soleplate – It ensures durability and even distribution of heat on the garment.

What I like about this Iron

  • I really like the fact that it gives steam, sufficiently. It doesn’t have to be set at high temperature to give me steam when removing wrinkles vertically.
  • It promises efficiency even if I will be ironing more than just household items. If I want to run a quilting or knitting business, I can count on this iron for an efficient job. With such a long cord, I can iron comfortable away from the plug.
  • The steam is sufficient, and if it takes a while before producing steam, there’s a button I can press.
  • It does not spill or drip water on the fabric. This is one major concern with most irons but this one has a modern and efficient design.

Any Cons?

  • Some users say that the reservoir’s capacity is too small, they have to refill as they iron.
  • There are concerns that using too much force when releasing the water reservoir can make it snap.

Questions Asked

  1. Question: When ironing, does this appliance make some strange sounds?
    Answer: No, it does not produce strange sounds. You’ll probably hear a click when it heats to full capacity.
  2. Question: Will it shut off automatically?
    Answer: Yes, it has a three-way shut off system. If you leave it lying horizontally for half a minute, it shuts off. It shuts off in 7 minutes when you leave it lying vertically.
  3. Question: Will I get steam when ironing at low temperatures, such as when ironing silk?
    Answer: Yes, even at low temperature, you will get steam.

Where to Buy

I recommend Amazon because of the efficiency of their e-commerce process. You need the iron as soon as possible, and it would not make sense to place an order and wait for months.

Amazon indicates the pieces in stock and their condition. Therefore, you order for something that’s already clearly defined. See the current prices by clicking on the button below.

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