Rowenta DW2090 Steam Iron Review

Rowenta DW2090 is a self-cleaning iron. Its stainless steel soleplate also makes it a long lasting solution to all ironing tasks.


What makes this iron stand out?

  1. Anti-drip system – If you’ve had an iron that drips water all over the dry fabric, this iron promises to keep the garment dry unless you want some steam.
  2. Self-cleaning – mineral deposits can ruin a very good appliance if left to accumulate. This iron has an anti-calc system that takes care of that problem.
  3. Stainless steel soleplate – 300 holes to distribute steam evenly on your garment. The steam is sufficient to remove wrinkles from various types of fabrics.
  4. Seven foot cord – It covers a wider area as you can iron further away from the plug.
  5. Thumb rest– I can iron for hours while still in control of the task.

What I like about this iron

  1. One of the fascinating qualities of this iron is the quality of the design. It is a good built that’s easy to work with. I don’t need to worry about how much water I should fill, where to fill the water, how much steam to expect and so forth. The specifications clearly state what the iron can do for me.
  2. The auto shut-off is important because I can take clothes back and forth from the closet without worrying about energy consumption.
  3. It gets sufficiently hot to remove all creases in a garment. The heat rises as fast as possible because the iron has a quality soleplate.

Any cons?

– Some users find this easy appliance a bit difficult to use. They have searched for manuals and tutorials to help them understand it. One of the issues they highlight is the light, and how often it should come on.

Questions asked

  1. Question: Does this iron start to drip water on the garment after using it severally?
    Answer: No, it does not. Do not overfill it. Check the water level required.
  2. Question: Does it shut off automatically?
    Answer: Yes, when you leave it on the ironing board, it shuts off automatically.
  3. Question: What is the length of the cord?
    Answer: The cord is about seven feet long. It reaches from the socket on the wall to the height of a normal ironing board.
  4. Question: How do I fill the iron’s reservoir?
    Answer: Fill the measuring cup. Open the iron at the front and fill it up to the line indicated.

Where to Buy

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Before the purchase, you can check out pictures of the iron, see what other customers have to say about their purchase, and read product specifications.

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