Rowenta DG8520 Perfect Steam Iron Review

The Rowenta DG8520 steam iron is designed for users who want to iron without worrying about the amount of water in the tank or high electricity bills.

Its Features

Looking for a new home appliance is nerve-wrecking when you don’t have an idea what features to look for. If you are looking for a new iron, here’s what I found out while looking for information about the Rowenta DG8520 iron.

  1. A 47 ounce tank – When you fill it up, it lasts up to one and a half hours. The water tank is removable, and it has an anti-calc system. When you want to remove impurities, just detach the collector and place it in water.
  2. Energy saver settings – it saves about 20% power compared to other models. This is an excellent feature especially for large households.
  3. High power steam burst – iron faster and easily taking away all wrinkles from garments, curtains, etc. In two minutes, you get steam to iron any fabric.
  4. Stainless steel soleplate – it has 400 steam holes and the cord is 1.9 meter long. This soleplate makes it easy to glide over the fabric pressing any wrinkles and straightening any type of fabric.

What I like about this Iron

  1. I need an iron that works on both sides of the garment at once. That way, I can iron the lining without having to turn the garment inside out. This iron proved this possible because of the burst of steam it releases.
  2. It heats up well and fast. Additionally, it has a large water tank so I can iron everything my family will wear for a week without a refill. Refilling is also easy. I don’t release the steam; I just fill it up.
  3. The stainless steel soleplate works on the fabric smoothly without leaving creases as it moves. It would be heartbreaking to iron one section and have to re-do it because of the wrinkles left by the soleplate.

Any Cons?

  1. Some users feel that the steam reduces as the reservoir supplies water to the iron. They feel that the chamber that creates steam should have a larger water capacity so that it stops depending on the reservoir.
  2. The iron base seems to be a problem for some users. They feel that iron is too heavy.

Questions Asked

  1. Question: Can I remove the water tank when the iron box is still hot?
    Answer: Not really because the heat does not get to the tank. The water heats up after it leaves the tank, in a chamber where it produces steam. This is one of the unique qualities of this iron box.

Review Video

Great video with a detailed review of this Rowenta DG8520 Perfect Steam Iron Review. The video is 16 minutes long..

Where To Buy?

After understanding the benefits of this iron, the next step is the purchase process. Online, all the information is available from prices to choice of colors and customer reviews.

I would recommend visiting Amazon because it has all the information on the product’s page. There, you will go through hundreds of customer reviews, and compare the prices of new and used irons.

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