Rowenta DW8183 Iron Review

The Rowenta DW8183 iron is suitable for any household ironing chores from drapery to suits. Its sole plate distributes steam over the garment evenly and its tip reaches inside shoulders and other tight spots.

Features of This Iron

  • Stainless steel sole plate with 400 holes – it gives sufficient steam for any type of ironing job. The holes are distributed on the soleplate to give steam evenly.
  • Three-way shut off – three ways to shut off when you leave it. When left vertically, it shuts off in 8 minutes. It shuts off in half a minute when you leave it lying horizontally or you tip it over.
  • Light weight – it weighs just 3.9 pounds. This light weight makes it easy for you to iron for long. Anybody can use it from teens to senior citizens.
  • Great control – the soft buttons of this iron make it easy to control.
  • 1750 watts – caters for the need for steam and sufficient heat for removing wrinkles.

What I like about this iron

  • It comes ready to use without so many instructional manuals. It heats up as soon as you put it to task, and it is great for daily ironing tasks.
  • The tip makes ironing shirts so easy. The worst that could happen is removing wrinkles on shirts and failing to reach the shoulders. I struggle with such spots a lot, and this iron promises to save me from such trouble.
  • This iron has a sturdy frame. I wouldn’t want to spend money on an appliance that becomes rickety after a few uses. This design has a strong frame and it can withstand regular use.
  • The beauty of the design makes it a classy item I would add to a shopping list when looking for gifts for friends and family members.
  • Its ability to steam is on another level. It glides over the fabric and makes the best pleats if you want some on your garment.

Any Cons?

  • Some users feel the water level is not clear as they expect. However, there is a water level indicator.
  • Some users feel the iron heats up and cools down to fast. However, remember that it has a three way shut-off that might be the cause of the sudden cool off when left for some time.

Questions Asked

Question: Will I get a retractable cord?
Answer: No, this iron does not have one.

Question: Does the water level mark show? Is it visible?
Answer: Yes, you can see the water level as you use the iron. Fill it carefully while checking the level mark. Do not overfill it.

Where to Buy

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