Panasonic 360 Cordless Iron Review

With the Panasonic 360 Cordless Iron, you will certainly enjoy the effortless experience of smoothing out every wrinkle in your home! Below are some of the features of this iron

Features of This Iron

  1. Adjustable steam output – you can select what amount of steam you want for each type of fabric.
  2. Detachable water tank – no more messes and spills! You can remove and refill your water tank at the laundry sink or the kitchen sink.
  3. Soleplate with an expansive surface area – makes this iron perfect for larger items like tablecloths and curtains.
  4. Cordless – no more worrying about the cord getting caught on the edge of the ironing board, or getting tangled.
  5. 360° Double-point design – you can iron in either direction, i.e. forward and backward.
  6. Vertical steam – useful for steaming and freshening hanging garments and drapes.

What I like about this iron

  1. The cordless design of this iron is a definite safety advantage. I do not have to worry about tripping over the cord, burning it accidentally, or tripping over it.
  2. I love the ceramic soleplate of this iron because it glides smoothly over all of my fabrics during ironing.
  3. This iron heats up quite fast, and when it does, it produces lots of steam – enough to get rid of every last wrinkle!
  4. With the vertical steam feature, I have the option of steaming my hanging garments rather than putting them on the ironing board. I can also freshen my drapes using this function.
  5. The expansive surface of the soleplate makes it easier and faster to reach all the corners of my garments.
  6. The unique 360° shape of this iron is ideal for ironing small, unreachable corners without having to keep turning the iron round and ironing at an uncomfortable angle.

Any Cons?

  1. The iron must be kept on the base all the time for it to remain at the ideal ironing temperature. If you remove it, it cools rapidly.
  2. This iron does not have an automatic on/off feature. As such, you will have to get used to turning it on and off.

Questions Asked

Question 1: Is this iron battery operated?

Answer: No, the base uses an AC plugin. To heat the iron, place it on the base, turn it on, and then pick it up when you are ready to start ironing.

Question 2: Does this iron have an auto shut-off feature?

Answer: Yes, it does. If you leave it on the charging base for more than ten minutes it automatically shuts off.

Where to Buy

The best place to purchase the Panasonic 360 cordless iron is Amazon, one of the world’s leading online shopping sites.  Amazon has a page dedicated to giving you all the information you need about this iron.

This information includes a detailed product description with pricing, shipping details, user reviews, and customer questions.

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