Conair Extreme Steam Hand Held Fabric Steamer

The Conair Extreme Steam Hand Held Steamer provides a quick and easy alternative to the time-consuming chore of ironing. It also gives you the same results as a professional dry-clean job!

Features of This Iron

  1. 75-second heat-up feature – in just over a minute your steamer is all heated up and ready for the job.
  2. Extreme Steam Dual Heat Technology – produces concentrated steam that is up to 30% hotter than other steamers, penetrating heavier fabrics and eliminating wrinkles five times as fast.
  3. Dual heat settings – use the easy-to-use slide switch to select between high and low heat settings.
  4. Energy-saving steam pause feature – pauses the steam output so that the steamer does not continue to consume power.
  5. 9-foot power cord – stays safely out of the way as you steam your garments.
  6. Easy-to-fill removable water reservoir – gives you up to 15 minutes of steam time per fill.
    Steam trigger – has a built-in switch that you can turn on and off to get constant steam.

What I like about this iron

  1. Thanks to its inbuilt Dual Heat Technology feature, this iron produces 30% more heat than other steamers, smoothening wrinkles five times as fast.
  2. The flexibility of having two heat settings means that I can choose what temperature setting I need for my garments, especially those made from fragile fabrics.
  3. This steamer heats up in only 75 seconds – perfect! And, once I fill the water reservoir, I can steam for up to 15 minutes without having to dash for a refill!
  4. With this Conair steamer, I can steam out dust, unpleasant smells and tough odors from all my garments.
  5. The three attachments that come with this steamer make my job so much easier. There is a fabric brush to open up the fabrics to aid in deeper steam penetration, a soft cushion to protect my delicate fabrics, and a creaser for pressing pleats and folds.

Any Cons?

  1. In some instances, users have reported that the steamer spits out water when in use.
  2. Some users have also indicated that though this steamer gets rid of most of the wrinkles, it may sometimes not eliminate all of them.

Questions Asked

  1. Question: Does this steamer use distilled or tap water? Answer: This steamer uses distilled water to prevent a buildup within the jets.
  2. Question: Can I use this steamer to refresh my drapes? Answer: Yes, you can use the steamer to refresh your drapes and eliminate dust.

Where to Buy

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