How To Get Ink Stains Out Of Clothes

In this short guide I will give you advice on how to remove ink stains from your clothes. An ink stain shouldn’t worry you. There are various effective ways to remove it without damaging your garment. First, identify the type of stain.

It could be:-

  • A stain from a water-based pen
  • A stain from a permanent marker

1. How to Remove an Ink Stain from a Water-Based Pen

Removing stains using water and detergent is perhaps the most popular solution. It is easy and inexpensive. Here’s how to do it.

Place a clean, absorbent cloth under the stained garment to prevent the ink from spreading to the clean back of the fabric. Next, place another absorbent cloth over the stain and tap it lightly.

The cloth should not bleed or it will leave its colour on your garment worsening the stain. Since the stain is fresh, most of the ink will stick to the piece of cloth.

Apply a stain remover to the garment if you are dealing with a large area. This will break the stain down quickly. Next, blot the stain with a cloth after the stain remover has broken the ink.

Wash the garment in a washing machine. Wash it separately to avoid transferring ink residue to other garments.

2. How to Remove an Ink Stain from a Permanent Marker

Simple methods using water and detergent don’t work on these stubborn stains. Permanent marker stains need more tact but they also come off. Instead, they need an ink remover.

2.1 When using rubbing alcohol

  • Blot the stain with a piece of cloth. Avoid using paper napkins because they leave traces of the napkin on the garment.
  • Lay the garment over a surface covered with a towel or other fabric. Spray rubbing alcohol on a small part of the garment, a place that is not conspicuous, to test corrosiveness.
  • ext, spray the stain surface generously.
  • Blot out the stained surface with a piece of cloth and the ink will stick to the cloth.

2.2 When using hairspray

Get a hairspray that contains alcohol. This ingredient is actually the one that breaks down ink on your garment.

  • Separate the stained surface and the back of your garment with a clean piece of cloth.
  • Spray the hemline just to be sure the hairspray will not damage the fabric and give it half a minute. If the fabric shows no damage, you can now spray the stained area. However, if the color of the test area changes, it means the hairspray will damage the fabric.
  • Spray the stained patch, holding the hairspray a considerable distance from the fabric.
  • Give the hairspray about a minute to break the stain.
  • Next, blot the wet stain with a piece of cloth. Dab the garment until most of the ink sticks on the piece of cloth.


  1. Do not rub the garment or the stain will spread.
  2. Do not let the stain set. Remove it when it is still fresh.
  3. Do not iron the garment or subject it to any other kind of heat before you remove the stain.
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